From Bardolino to Verona

71 KM
Road surface
Type of bicycle


This circuit is 71 km long, and this is its only difficulty. Since it is all on paved roads, any type of bicycle can be used. The starting point is in Bardolino: a short, not too hard climb leads to the scenic road to Calmasino.

The view on the southern part of the lake is lovely: the road passes in front of the Zeni Wine Museum, and then sweeps into the Bardolino DOC wine production zone. After passing through countless, beautiful vineyards, you reach the environs of Calmasino.

Lovely country roads lead towards the neighbouring village of Piovezzano, and from there, descend towards the bike trail running alongside the Biffis canal. This is the ideal spot for admiring the river Adige (4) flowing in the valley below. The pleasant, level bike trail leads to Bussolengo.

Having crossed the heart of the town, it then continues, ending up near Chievo. There is a weir bridge in Chievo, which must be crossed over to go onto the bike trail alongside the Camuzzoni canal (8), leading into the centre of Verona. This town has many sights of outstanding interest: the Arena, its countless squares, Juliet’s house and the Scaliger castle are just a few.

From Verona, the route continues, heading back to Bussolengo: after its city centre, there is a bike trail winding across the countryside that leads to the outskirts of Sandrà and from there, to the hills surrounding Pacengo. A road is a sequence of gentle climbs and descents leading towards Colà.

After passing beside the Villa dei Cedri spa centre, the trail continues towards the hills of Lazise, and from there to Calmasino, before heading back down towards the lake and the town of Bardolino.