From the shores to the hills of Lake Garda

30 KM
paved roads and dirt tracks
Road surface
city BIKE
Type of bicycle


This easy trail, approximately 30 km long, runs along the lakeside before climbing up the gentle hills surrounding the area. It is an extremely scenic route, winding through the countryside lined with vineyards and olive groves.

This is why the eastern shore of the lake is known as the “Olive tree Riviera”, and here is where the renowned Garda PDO extra virgin oil is made. The starting point is in Bardolino, a famous lakeside resort, renowned also for its Bardolino DOC, the wine produced from the grapes growing on the nearby hills.

Inside the town walls, there are a number of sites worth visiting, such as the 11th-century Romanesque Church of St. Severus, the ancient castle tower and the harbour with its countless fishing boats, and the legendary Preonda.

A lakefront road departs from Bardolino, leading to Cisano, a small town with a charming church, the so-called Pieve di Santa Maria. Only a short stretch of road separates Cisano from Lazise. This celebrated town of the Olive tree Riviera was the first free Commune in Italy. Lazise is famous for its 12th-century Romanesque Church of St. Nicolò, the old harbour, the Venetian customs house, and the Scaliger Castle.

The trail then leaves the shores of the Lake and climbs gently towards the inland hills. Once again the beauty of the countryside, with its wide expanse of vineyards and olive trees, fills the eye. Not far beyond there is the hill of Pacengo, from where one can admire a stunning view on the Calmasino hill. A few gentle climbs and descents lead to the village of Colà, famous for the hot springs and spa of Villa dei Cedri.

A few miles further on there is Calmasino, a hamlet of Bardolino: its Parish Church, perched on top of a hill, is definitively worth visiting, because of the incredible view from there. An easy stretch of downhill road leads back to the shores of the Lake, and from there to Bardolino.