The Caprino plain and the moraine of Rivoli

39 KM
90% paved
10% dirt tracks
Road surface
Type of bicycle


The trail is approximately 39 km long and can be considered of intermediate difficulty. The length of the route and the presence of a few, rather demanding uphill stretches of road require cyclists to be fairly fit and have a bike with a good set of gears.

Starting from Bardolino, the road goes towards Garda. The first 3 kilometres are a pleasant ride along a bike trail, far from the traffic. Having reached Garda , the route passes in front of the Parish Church of Saint Mary (Santa Maria Assunta), and after a short leg along the main road, starts to rise gently, passing in front of the La Perla Bike Hotel. This secondary road runs near the woods at the foot of the nearby cliffs, passes by the chapel of St. Bernard and after about 2 kilometres becomes a dirt track, taking to to one of the hardest legs of this route: a difficult half-kilometre leading to Costermano, near the German military graveyard.

At this point the trail becomes easier: the ground is fairly level, and only goes uphill when heading towards the old part of the town. After passing in front of the Parish Church of Costermano , you turn left near the cemetery and take the narrow dirt track leading to the Valley of the Mills. Soon after, you reach the summit of the valley: the road continues with a short downhill stretch that leads to another difficult hill, albeit shorter than the previous one (only about 300 m long).

The next village on the road is Castion Veronese: if you turn left, the paved road soon becomes a dirt track, at the end of which there is the Chapel of the Madonna del Soccorso (Our Lady of Perpetual Succour). The road then turns right towards the village of Castion Veronese, where we advise you to visit the Church of Saint Mary Magdalen and the majestic, Eigtheenth-century Villa Pellegrini Cipolla.

The route then becomes easy: travelling down the main road, heading towards Costermano, you will go through the ancient hamlet of San Verolo, where you will find the old Church of Saint Verulus, and then reach the town of Pesina. From there it is only a short ride to Caprino Veronese: near the town cemetery you will find a pleasant bike trail leading to Ceredello first and then Rivoli Veronese, from where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the ancient Austrian strongholds.

Another bike trail links Rivoli to Affi, a town at the foot of Mount Moscal: you will pass near the 12th-century Chapel of Sts. Fermo & Rustico, before tackling a steep downhill stretch leading back to Bardolino.