The inland countryside south of Lake Garda

30 KM
Road surface
Type of bicycle


This trail, roughly 29 km long, is mostly on paved roads. There are quite a few hills on the way: you need to be fairly fit and have a bike with a good set of gears, because some of the uphill stretches, though not too long, are rather steep.

The circuit starts in Bardolino: at the roundabout in front of the bus station, you take the road leading to Cavaion Veronese to leave the town. The first uphill stretch leads to a scenic route overlooking the southern part of the Lake and passes in front of the Zeni Wine Museum. The surrounding countryside is a wide expanse of vineyards and olive groves.

The route winds its way into the Bardolino DOC production zone along country roads dotted here and there with wayside shrines. Having gone past a kiwifruit orchard, you cycle uphill towards Monticelli. At the end of this path, you can admire Villa Cordevigo, a Seventeenth-century mansion that has recently been converted into a luxury hotel.

From here, it is only a short stretch to the bike trail built along the Biffis canal. Upstream the canal there is the Sega di Cavaion water bridge: after crossing to the other side, you will soon approach the hotel Relais San Michele, and face a rather gruelling 400-metre climb. The road then turns left, and continues upward.

The view is worth the effort: from there, you can admire the Adige valley, the town of Volargne and the huge nearby quarry. This area is famous for its red marble, which has always featured prominently in the most elegant homes and churches.

The route then continues towards Rivoli Veronese: a bike trail leads to Affi, and from there, to the hills surrounding Albarè and Bardolino. Worthy of mention is the 12th-century Chapel of Sts. Fermo and Rustico. The breakneck road leading down to Bardolino calls for some attention.