The river Mincio and the Verona plain

56 KM
90% paved
10% dirt tracks
Road surface
Type of bicycle


This route, mostly paved and on level land, can only be considered moderately difficult because of its length, i.e. 56 km.

The ideal starting point is the football field in Via campo sportivo, Peschiera del Garda. A short, downhill lane leads you to one of the three defensive channels of the citadel, from where you can admire the ancient defence walls. Here you can take the Peschiera-Mantua bike path along the river Mincio, which crosses a protected natural area where one can admire the riverside flora and fauna. Approximately 7 km later, you must cross over the weir bridge of Salionze to reach the left side of the river.

You soon arrive to the village of Borghetto, famous for its Ponte Visconteo bridge. Borghetto is considered one of the most beautiful hamlets in Italy and many are the sightseers and tourists who come here. From Borghetto there is a 500-m-long uphill road leading to Valeggio sul Mincio, which used to be an important stronghold of the Della Scala family. Its illustrious past is obvious from the impressive Scaliger Castle.

Worthy of mention is also the magnificent Parco Giardino Sigurtà, one of the most beautiful botanic gardens in the whole of Europe. Moreover, the town is famous for its pasta, the renowned Valeggio tortellini. Having left the centre of Valeggio, you will find a level road leading to Villafranca. You will only have to cycle for about 1 km on the main road, then you will be on country roads surrounded by vineyards and orchards full of kiwifruit and peaches.

Villafranca di Verona is the next stop, a very old town where you can admire the castle known as Rocca Scaligera. The Nicolis Museum also deserves a visit. The route then takes you to Povegliano Veronese. This town is on the border of the production area of Vialone Nano rice.

You then head north, across the countryside, to reach Sommacampagna and then the town of Salionze. From there, a short lane leads you back to the bike path along the river Mincio. You will soon encounter the weir bridge, which must be crossed over again to return along the opposite bank to Peschiera, near the town’s football field.