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The Verona Garda Bike network was established in 2012
on the initiative of seven companies from the Verona area.

It was created with the help of the Confindustria Verona employer's organisation,
the Coverfil consortium, the province of Verona, local government,
relevant organisations and the chamber of Commerce.

The seven partners are important companies in the tourism, wine and food industries:
Europlan Spa, Bellatrix Srl, Lamacart Spa Museo Nicolis, Turri Fratelli Srl,
Masi, Gardaland and Parco Natura Viva

The network aims to raise awareness of regional sustainability,
to encourage the use of the bicycle and ecofriendly transport and to further tourism all year round.
The Verona area and Lake Garda lend themselves to bicycle tours, given their historical and cultural heritage,
the many touristic activities on offer, the great regional cuisine and excellent wine.
The company network promotes bicycle paths and routes via cycling maps,
theme apps and the endorsement of events and initiatives that increase visibility of the region
and raise industry companies' awareness of cycling holidays as an economic factor.

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